Ryan Huch’s Zambia Hearing Mission

Zambia Scholarship

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About the Mission

In the southern region of Africa resides Zambia, a developing nation of almost 17 million people. It’s full of amazing wildlife and incredible cultures, but with all those individuals, it only has one audiologist.

Zambia covers over 290,000 square miles of rural villages, which means that opportunities like healthcare and education come sparingly, if ever.  For someone suffering hearing loss, a chance at education severely diminishes, the likelihood of finding a job decreases, and safety becomes a serious concern.  Even more so, it can be extremely difficult to connect with family members and friends.  Most are left without hope that anything could ever change.

But hearing can transform someone’s life no matter where they live!  There’s nothing like watching a hearing smile splash onto a child’s face when they hear for the first time.  Empowering a mom to hear her kids, a husband to hear his wife, a kid to go to school, a co-worker to hear her boss, or a grandparent to hear his grandchildren… these are worth traveling any distance.

That’s why we take a team of some of the best audiologists in the country to Zambia.  They give personalized care to every single patient, just like they would at home.  We believe by partnering with the community and offering such care, we’re truly making a difference in the world.  A hearing smile means joy in any language.

Ryan's Story

Zambia is a third world country. Much of its population lives in poverty and does not have access to the same benefits that we do. Some people have hearing losses and don’t know it. I want to be a part of the team that helps those people.

African culture has always been a wonder to me. The dancing, the wardrobe of the people, and the African folklore have always fascinated me. The only experience I’ve ever had of it was in the Animal Kingdom in Disneyworld. That’s probably nothing like what I’m going to experience there. I hope to experience what a daily life there is like, and how they view the Western culture in comparison to themselves. I could maybe even learn some history that relates to the history course I’m taking this year. I will also learn about the art styles they have, since I am an artist. I will become more educated about their culture and how they live.

One last reason I want to go is that I want to support my mother. She is an audiologist and knows she gets to expand on what she knows to other cultures and countries that are outside the United States. I will learn much about the people of that culture, and can’t wait to meet the people there. It will be a life-changing experience for me.

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