Sean Huch’s Zambia Hearing Mission

Zambia Scholarship

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About the Mission

In the southern region of Africa resides Zambia, a developing nation of almost 17 million people. It’s full of amazing wildlife and incredible cultures, but with all those individuals, it only has one audiologist.

Zambia covers over 290,000 square miles of rural villages, which means that opportunities like healthcare and education come sparingly, if ever.  For someone suffering hearing loss, a chance at education severely diminishes, the likelihood of finding a job decreases, and safety becomes a serious concern.  Even more so, it can be extremely difficult to connect with family members and friends.  Most are left without hope that anything could ever change.

But hearing can transform someone’s life no matter where they live!  There’s nothing like watching a hearing smile splash onto a child’s face when they hear for the first time.  Empowering a mom to hear her kids, a husband to hear his wife, a kid to go to school, a co-worker to hear her boss, or a grandparent to hear his grandchildren… these are worth traveling any distance.

That’s why we take a team of some of the best audiologists in the country to Zambia.  They give personalized care to every single patient, just like they would at home.  We believe by partnering with the community and offering such care, we’re truly making a difference in the world.  A hearing smile means joy in any language.

Sean's Story

I would like to attend this year’s Entheos trip to Zambia for many different reasons. I enjoy traveling the world and seeing new places. I believe that when one travels at a young age they become more open minded, therefore I wish to immerse myself into this experience with a new place, new people, and a different culture. This life is short and I wish to see the world while I can still live and breathe. I wish to see the many wonders that this world has to offer. Not many people are fortunate enough for the opportunity to get an experience to travel like this at such a young age.

There is also the charity aspect of this trip that I feel better me as a person. My mission in life is to take my gifts and help the less fortunate make their lives better. My parents raised me with a sense to help people when I am given the chance. I want people to remember me as someone who goes out of their way to help those who need it. I want to help change the world, with one small act of kindness at a time. I want this experience to open my eyes to the problems in the world and allow me to become part of the solution. I was raised to solve problems, not just shove them off to the side. I believe that this experience will better me as a person. This volunteer opportunity will encourage me to do more works of charity in this world.

I wish to offer my services to this trip. I know I will strive to work hard and accomplish the tasks that have been assigned to me. I offer all of my attention to my voluntary works and those who require my assistance. I will be able to adapt to this new environment and embrace the different and new culture that I will experience. This trip offers me the gift of building up my human capital and will definitely provide me a new skill set and experience that will better my life. The more I can build up my human capital at a young age, the more successful I know I will become. These set of skills that I will acquire on this trip will also benefit those who need help getting back on their feet.

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